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Does your business have an effective website that showcases your brand and increases sales?
Example Website by Harness Media
Example Websites by Harness Media
More Example Websites by Harness Media
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Visitors to your website will experience your brand before interacting with you. The quality and professionalism of your brand should be expressed properly by your online marketing strategy.



Your website is a key ingredient to generating leads and thus driving sales. If you have the traffic but you aren’t able to convert visitors into buyers, something must be broken.



Increase the traffic to your website and outrank your competition by using the right coding methods and content. We’ll help you find the right keywords to improve your search results.



WordPress makes it possible for you to manage your own content. It’s easy to use, allowing you to update content, images and other media. We provide WordPress training to help you succeed.

All In One Website Services

Focused On Your Website

WordPress Website Design

We build custom, mobile-friendly WordPress websites.

Website Care Services

Your website is a valuable business asset. Treat it like one.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer multiple pathways to a successful campaign.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Built with Responsive Technology

Every website we build uses modern Responsive Web Design principles. Your site will display properly on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, so customers have the best possible experience on every device.


Looks great on devices of all sizes

Industry Standard

Accepted as industry standard

Design Concepts

Allows for modern design concepts


Easier ongoing maintenance


No need for separate mobile site


Compatible with modern browsers

We Love Our Clients


Michele Vanderyacht

“I hired Wendell to recreate the very outdated Epic Fitness website. He has done an amazing job and has given us a whole new look that fits who we are. I couldn’t ask for a better web designer.”

Michele Vanderyacht

Epic Fitness
Ivonne Cline

“What an amazing company..! Thank you for taking your time to sit with us and educate us on what our next steps need to be to further our companies growth.”

Ivonne Cline

Aspen Pain Clinic
Hire A Nerd

Let's Get Started

Every website project includes at least one problem that needs to be solved. Identifying these issues in the beginning will help ensure that we stay on task and meet your expectations. We encourage you to complete our Project Inquiry form so we can start a conversation.

More Than Just A Web Designer

Building Better Websites

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We own and operate several brands that have been successful in their own right. Here are a few examples.
RPLS Today is the #1 community website in the world providing news, information, and collaborative support for Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals worldwide.

A better way for restaurants, food trucks, pizzerias, etc. to offer online ordering, plus in-house delivery and curbside takeout.

Wendell maintains his own personal blog with topics pertaining to cooking, bowling, Ford Mustangs, WordPress and other nerdy stuff.

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