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It Was Time for a Modern Design

Cascade BodyworksThe previous site was nearly 10 years old when Cascade Bodyworks approached us for a redesign. It was not mobile-friendly and needed a modern yet contemporary style. We took cues from the previous website and merged them with content, photos and imagery provided by Cascade. We rearranged the navigation system and made the meta data for all pages more SEO friendly. Top that off with a set of 301 redirects to make sure that Google and other search engines will still send old links to the updated pages, and you have a winner.

A Successful Migration of Content

Most of the content on the old website was still relevant, so we carefully copied it into the new website. Then we updated the styling and layout to fit with the new theme. Cascade Bodyworks then massaged (get it?) that content and provided updates from time to time until the website was complete.

About Cascade Bodyworks

My practice focuses on helping people heal; the techniques I use are Lomilomi (Hawaiian) Massage, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. I also train in Dynamic Energetic Healing® affiliated with Dynamic Energetic Healing International™. I offer personal treatments and couples massage; teach Reiki classes and workshops; facilitate, co-facilitate, teach and sponsor classes, workshops, and retreats in Salem and other locations throughout the year. I believe that learning never ends – life is changing all the time, and I feel it’s important to stay current. I continue to study the healing arts, focusing on the techniques and modalities that move me, and which I believe will make a strong difference in the lives of my clients.
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