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Conversion from Proprietary Format to WordPress

Collier LawCollier Law approached us with a need to move their website to a new hosting platform that included regular updates and maintenance. They were happy with the overall design of the website, but it was built in a proprietary format called ZURB. So Collier Law hired Harness Media to convert the website to WordPress while maintaining the design of all pages as closely as possible. Once we completed the conversion, it was really difficult to see the differences between the old ZURB website and the new WordPress website. We preserved the design right down to the last pixel.

Keeping Things in Check

Now that Collier Law is on one of our Website Care Plans, it’s time to manage the ongoing needs of the website such as security, performance, SEO, software updates, and all of the other benefits. We’ve already established a great working relationship with Collier Law, due to another project in the works that focuses on estate and elder law. So it’s great that we can now work together to make their primary website even better than it already was before we started.

About Collier Law

Located in Salem, Oregon, our estate planning firm takes great pride in our sincere desire to understand your needs and those of your family in order to provide workable solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping you through each process of estate planning or estate administration. We develop long-term relationships with all of our clients and take great pride in providing a warm and calming environment.
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