Londin Gardens

A Harness Media Case Study

Londin Gardens Mockup

Improving Upon an Existing Design

Londin GardensWhen Londin Gardens approached us, they already had a website in place that had recently been built. However, it was slow, hard to use, and confusing. We converted the website to a more efficient and stable theme framework, then improved upon the existing design. We developed more intuitive navigation and a simpler interface overall. In the end, the owners of Londin Gardens Bed & Breakfast were very happy.

Airbnb Integration and Synchronization

In addition to the necessary design and layout improvements, Londin Gardens wanted to synchronize the website with their Airbnb account, where they have their property listed. They needed to allow visitors to their website to be able to purchase reservations and have the information automatically update Airbnb — and vice-versa. We accomplished this feat and the system has been working marvelously for months now.

“Wendell made updates to our website that just blew me away! So professionally done and completely captured the look and feel that we wanted to convey. Would highly recommend Harness Media.”

Brenda Londin
Owner @ Londin Gardens

About Londin Gardens

Londin Gardens Bed & Breakfast is located in Turner Oregon, near the capital city of Salem. We are in the heart of the Mid-Willamette Valley. We specialize in peaceful quiet and relaxation you can’t find anywhere else. Enjoy the comforts of the screened-in porch watching the antics of the squirrels and chipmunks as they forage and play just steps away. If you are a bird watcher, we have many beautiful birds that enjoy our feeders and call to each other under the dense tree canopy. Keep an eye out for our many woodpeckers, ranging from the size of a finch up to the size of an eagle – we are not even kidding! And it is highly unusual if you don’t see a small herd of deer meander their way through the front yard, often more than once in a day.
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