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Filling a Void in a Niche Market

RPLS TodayIn 2010, a popular forum for Land Surveyors (owned by a magazine publisher) decided to convert to a new software system. Sadly, the userbase didn’t like the new format and abandoned the website. Harness Media stepped in to fill the now-vacant space, and it took off like a rocket. Since then, the website has morphed from a basic forum into a full community website and news portal. We are still actively developing and maintaining the website, with great plans for the future. Currently, the site is monetized with banner advertisements.

Nurturing the Community

Maintaining and moderating a community website can be a lot of work. Someone has to manage the users, keep the site safe from hackers and spammers, and make sure it stays available to everyone. But RPLS Today is a shining example of filling a niche market and building a successful website with no end in sight.

About RPLS Today

RPLS Today is a peer-to-peer platform providing news, information, and community-based support for Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals all over the world. Our goal is to serve and support people that know and love Surveying and related topics, so they can keep up-to-date in their industry, while learning more, and getting more work done.
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