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Salem Fire FoundationModernizing A Local Champion

We originally built the Salem Fire Foundation’s first website, shortly after the foundation was officially established. It was modern for the time and utilized the best-available responsive technology in use back then. But web technologies change quickly, so a few years later it was time for a redesign. We not only replaced the underlying technology with the latest, yet stable, technology, but we also completely redesigned the entire website. The new design is bold, easy to read, and simple to navigate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Key to Success

In addition to bringing the website into the modern web era, we also implemented some important features to help with search engine optimization. We researched and assigned appropriate keywords and phrases to each page and implemented some other SEO techniques to help the website appear more often in search results. Furthermore, we broke the Programs page down into separate pages for each program, then transformed the main Programs page into an index. This is also great for SEO because then we could associate keywords to each of the programs pages.

About Salem Fire Foundation

The mission of the Salem Fire Foundation is to promote community support for the Salem Fire Department. Our vision is to enhance public safety and quality of life in our community by supporting the Salem Fire Department members in their mission of saving lives. The SFF is seeking charitable contributions to support initiatives that can significantly improve survival from out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest for the citizens in the community.
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