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Santiam Rebuild Coalition


Santiam Rebuild Coalition

In October 2020, two massive wildfires in the Cascade mountain range east of the Willamette Valley merged into one. The epicenter of this merger between the Beachie Creek and Lion’s Head wildfires occurred at the city center of Detroit, Oregon. The town, along with many other communities in the Santiam Canyon were devastated.

In the wake of the wildfires’ destruction, communities came together to help one another. One of these joint efforts was dubbed the Santiam Rebuild Coalition, which organized many local businesses as a collective force in rebuilding the Santiam Canyon. Harness Media was one of the first local companies to step up, offering to build a website in support of the effort.

The website was built to inform the public of progress, and to showcase the companies donating time and materials to this massive rebuild project. The Contributor Directory was custom-built to include an archive page which displayed a grid of the company logos, as well as individual, shareable listing pages. A forum was also built where the companies involved could login and communicate schedules, material availability, events, and much more.

We’re proud of our community for stepping up and this project was the least we could do to help get things back to normal in Santiam Canyon.

Originally launched in 2021

Santiam Rebuild Coalition logo
After fires devastated the Santiam Canyon, generous members of the building community pledged to help. The Santiam Rebuild Coalition, organized and managed by the SEDCOR Construction Alliance, is a group of licensed and insured construction industry members who have committed materials and labor to fast-track a community building for Detroit.
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