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Serenity Cleaning Services


Serenity Cleaning Services

Serenity Cleaning contacted Harness Media because their old website was outdated, hard to update, and having some technical difficulties with web forms. They were also struggling with spam and email issues, which appeared to stem from poor web hosting services with integrated email system. We understood their plight because these are common problems with websites that haven’t been kept up-to-date. Using a traditional hosting service with integrated email is becoming less and less common because of the aging infrastructure of most of those companies. The best possible scenario is to use a high-quality hosting system coupled with a good third-party email deliverability platform and an email service such as Microsoft 365 or similar.

We helped with all of that.

One of the first tasks was to get Serenity on Microsoft 365 so they would have a dedicated email service that is reliable and offers great support. Then we began building a new website with bold, modern features and resolved the web form problems. Once the website was ready to launch, we placed it on one of our Website Care Plans, which includes high-quality managed web hosting with top-notch security and speed. We also connected their domain to Postmark, which is included in our Website Care Plans, for the best email deliverability from the website to their respective inboxes.

To this day, we continue to help Serenity Cleaning’s website evolve by updating their content and other information as they request it.

Originally launched in 2020

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Our focus is offering a variety of cleaning needs, both large and small, all while bringing a personalized touch into each home and office we serve.
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