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Total Redesign for Spire Management

Spire ManagementWe have a long term professional relationship with Spire Management. They wanted a fresh design in place, as well as an updated UX and a more easily manageable, flexible design management system. They were currently running on WordPress, and wanted to continue on that platform. However, they have the manpower to handle content editing and small design updates, so they wanted something more user friendly than the standard WordPress interface. After some research and discussion with them, they decided that they wanted a design that incorporated Elementor Pro on all of the pages.

A Successful Migration

The Spire Management team decided that they wanted an entirely new instance of WordPress installed due to the massive amounts of legacy data the old website contained. They wanted to move forward and rewrite all of their own content, so it made sense to make a fresh start. We diligently backed up the entire site and made sure to preserve all of their old content, data, and imagery prior to the migration.

About Spire Management

Spire Management, LLC, founded in 2005, is an event planning, association management and consulting company in Salem, Oregon with clients in Oregon, Washington and even abroad. Its sister company, VanNatta Public Relations, has provided association management services since the early ’90s. The business model for Spire Management came from a desire to specialize in providing management services for nonprofit organizations and associations.
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