The Reed Ballroom

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The Reed Ballroom Mockup

The Reed BallroomShowcasing A Local Treasure

The owners of The Reed Opera House, where The Reed Ballroom is located, wanted to create a special one-page website to showcase this incredible, historic event venue in Salem, Oregon. The Reed Ballroom has a wonderful charm, so the website needed to be elegant yet informative. Prior to beginning the design process, we researched various popular ballrooms in other locations such as New York City and Chicago so that we could develop a sophisticated user experience. We pulled colors from the logo for branding purposes and used subtle loading animations to bring the site to life.

Navigation and Mobile Design Are Critical

We wanted to make sure that the mobile experience was excellent and wasn’t bogged down by huge images, while still properly showcasing The Reed Ballroom. With the loading animations mentioned above and combined with the “sticky” navigation header up top, the smooth-scrolling menu links, and the “hamburger” menu that only appears on mobile devices, the browsing experience is quick, easy, and informative.

About The Reed Ballroom

Your wedding or event will be perfect in The Reed Ballroom. We are pleased to offer one of the most visually stunning and multi-purpose event venues in Salem. The bright, spacious interior combines historic charm with modern amenities to give each event an elegant appeal. Located on the third floor and overlooking the city, this large, elegant ballroom is the crown jewel of The Reed. Built in the 1870’s and fully updated in 2019, The Reed Ballroom has hosted balls, parties, weddings and galas. Its hardwood floors, stunning light fixtures, tall windows and brick walls create a lively and elegant ambiance. It is a perfect backdrop for your pictures. The Reed Ballroom’s royal ambiance can transform any social gathering into the memory of a lifetime.
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