Manage Your Facebook Page with Meta Business Manager

Manage Your Facebook Page with Meta Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Intended for use by organizations and agencies, Facebook Business Manager allows for the oversight of Facebook business assets (Pages, Ads, Applications) without the need to share personal login details. Instead, ad-hoc sign-ins are created for employees within the platform, all overseen by the owner of the Business Manager account.

This provides an excellent solution for companies to manage internal access to their Facebook Pages and Ad Manager accounts. It also provides agencies like Harness Media the ability to run all client page access through their own Business Manager portal, a significantly more seamless approach than requesting access through personal Facebook accounts.

We highly recommend this approach to Facebook for every one of our business clients. It’s a simple way to separate the personal aspect of Facebook from the business side of the platform, and can be implemented quickly.

Why you need to use Facebook Business Manager

  • Are you using Facebook for your business?
  • Do you have a Facebook page setup for your business?
  • Are multiple people managing your Facebook business page?
  • Are you managing several Facebook business pages?
  • Have you ever lost access to your business’ Facebook page because an ex-employee set it up for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you need to set up Facebook Business Manager. It helps you separate business issues from your personal life and allows you to associate other businesses to manage specific areas of your Facebook page. It is more secure than adding personal accounts to your Facebook page and keeps the pages you manage in one central location.

Here are a few reasons why you need Facebook Business Manager

  • Multiple people can access your business page, ad history, and other features without having personal access to your business’ Facebook page.
  • You can assign other businesses access to specific areas of your page instead of individuals. This way, if that business loses the employee that was working on your page, the business itself still has access and can assign a different employee. For example, you might grant management access to Harness Media instead of Wendell Harness (even though he’s a really nice guy); then Harness Media can assign tasks or responsibilities to the correct employees.
  • You can assign your employees with specific access. You may have one employee that publishes posts on your page, another that handles Facebook ads, etc.
  • Using Facebook Business Manager is less distracting for you and those assigned to work on your page. Since you won’t have to access your personal Facebook page to find your business page, you won’t be distracted by cute cat videos and then forget why you are there in the first place.
  • Projects can be difficult to keep organized, especially if you have multiple parties involved. Facebook Business Manager gives you the option to create projects and only assign them to the people or businesses working on those projects. Projects help organize your business assets, i.e. Facebook business pages, ad accounts, etc. Instead of assigning people to multiple assets, you’ll be able to give them permission to work on everything that has been organized into a project.

While you may not need all of these features, you can see how powerful they are and how they would help you better organize your business presence on Facebook. Sounds great, right? Let’s get you set up.

How to establish your Facebook Business Manager account

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager at (you’ll need to be logged in to Facebook with your personal account).
  • Click “Create Account”.
  • Add your business name (or whatever you’d like to call your Business Manager account).
  • Add the account details requested (your name, what primary page you want to use, email address, etc.).
  • Click “Finish”.
  • Add Your Accounts to Business Manager.
    • From the main screen, click on the top left hamburger menu where it says “Business Manager”.
    • Choose “Business Manager Settings”.
    • In the left column, you will see options to add People, Pages, Ad Accounts etc.
      • To add a Facebook Business Page, click “Pages” in the left column, then click the “+ Add New” button.
        • If you would like to add a page that you already own, click the “Add a Page” option — you should be able to get immediate access.
        • If you would like to request access to a page you do not own, click the “Request access” option — the owner will be notified of your request and will need to confirm your access.
        • If you need to create a new business page, click the “Create a New Page” option.
      • To add a Facebook Ad Account, follow steps that are similar to adding a Page.
        • If you are requesting access to an ad account you do not own, you will need the account ID or you can follow the additional instructions provided in Facebook Business Manager to request access from the Ad Account owner.
  • Add a payment method (if you don’t already have one setup).
  • Under Business Manager Settings, click Payments (in the horizontal submenu).
  • Click the “+ Add New” button.
  • Enter your credit card details and save.

Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded to Facebook Business Manager. The interface can take a little getting used to at first, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Now you are ready to take advantage of this powerful digital advertising platform.

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