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Following up on our previous post titled, “Why You Need A Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer For Your Website“, this article will discuss how you can automatically generate a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer for your website.

Termageddon Data Privacy Certified Agency PartnerNow that Harness Media requires all of our Website Care Plan clients to have a Privacy Policy publicly available on their website, we’d like to tell you about an easy way to get those documents. We are a Data Privacy Certified Agency Partner with Termageddon, which provides dynamically-updating policies for your website as laws change. Termageddon uses a team of attorneys that are well-versed in privacy laws throughout the United States and the world to help you generate policies specific to your needs. You simply sign-up for their service, answer some questions, and the policies are generated for you. Of course, it is advised to have your local attorney review them for accuracy, but you’ll find that Termageddon’s products are of high quality and attentive to detail.

Once you’ve generated your policies, Termageddon will automatically keep them up-to-date as laws change throughout the world. Even better, Harness Media’s Website Care Plans include Termageddon integration — this means that once you’ve generated your policies, you can provide us with the chunk of code provided by Termageddon, and we’ll implement it on your website. We’ll place them on the appropriate page(s) and link to them in the footer of your website. From then on, they will dynamically update for you.

For more information about Termageddon and their policy generators, please visit their website at

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