Google Hummingbird Improves Search

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Google Hummingbird UpdateWe’ve all just been humming along using Google to find websites, places to visit, restaurants in which to eat, hotels to stay at, etc. But did you notice any changes recently in regards to how much better the results are when you use Google by asking questions? In other words, if you’ve been phrasing your searches as questions instead of just using keyword phrases, you may have noticed better results within the last few weeks.

The Google Hummingbird algorithm update was announced recently despite the actual upgrade a few weeks ago. They installed their latest update a few weeks ago without the slightest of announcements or usual fanfare.

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, they also added push notifications for iOS users and improved their “Knowledge Graph” to better handle questions asking for comparisons (for example: “which is better, wordpress or drupal?”).

Google Hummingbird vs. Google Caffeine

Google’s announcement didn’t provide much information on a technical level. But they did make it clear that Hummingbird is the biggest overhaul since the Caffeine update of 2009. The Caffeine overhaul was well-known for its integration of social networks into search results as well as a handful of performance enhancements.

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