Website Management Reports

The proof is in the pudding. We serve it to you every month.

Website Health Reports

Keeping You Informed

We care about the health your website, which is why we offer Website Management services. We send you monthly reports so you know exactly what’s going on with your website.

Traffic Statistics

Traffic Statistics

We connect to your website's Google Analytics account to provide you with a summary of visitor numbers, page loading speed, etc.

Security Analysis

Security Analysis

We'll report the status of your backups, blocked spam emails and registration attempts, and other security data.

Updates Updates

That's not a typo. We'll update you on the updates we've implemented for WordPress core, plugins and themes.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

Each month, we'll send your Website Care Report to the email address on file. If you ever change emails, just let us know.

Important Information

Other Important Info

We like to use this opportunity to share news about big upgrades, upcoming events or other useful information.



We're transparent about the services we are providing to keep your website running well and how we make that happen.

Report Example

Here’s an example of a Website Management Report

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Every website project includes at least one problem that needs to be solved. Identifying these issues in the beginning will help ensure that we stay on task and meet your expectations. We encourage you to complete our Project Inquiry form so we can start a conversation.

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